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Solid woven belt for coal mine use

Description Both top and bottom covers are PVG compound, much suitable to working at higher slope(better no more than 20 degree).

Market: Coal mines, power stations, chemical and metallurgy industries.
Application Locations: coal mining, laneway transportation, coal preparation plant transportation, chemical materials handling.
Tensile strength:500
4000N/mm   Width:5002000mm.
Features and preponderances of the belt:
1.Bone materials with high tensile strength
The solid woven belt of we use various high tensile strength chemical fibers and all wool and a yard wide cotton yarn as bone materials, and apply the advanced textile structures. The special multiple tiers integrate with each other so as to reach high tensile strength and weft&warp tear resistance, light carcass weight, and save the power energy for transportation.
2.Advanced soakage technology
The unique solid woven belt soakage technology of we can make PVC paste soak well. Thus, the paste and solid woven fabric become the all and the one, which ensures the belts impact resistance property.
3.Cover rubber with excellent properties
The special cover rubber of our PVG solid woven belt has excellent properties, which represent at excellent physical properties on the basis of ensuring the safety properties. Thus, the cover rubber can give the carcass first-rank protection.
4.Excellent flame resistance property
The Excellent flame resistance property of our PVG solid woven belt can ensure that it can use safely underground coal mines.
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