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Plied textile belt
Description Feature: basic strength material is NN fabric. (both the warp and weft are NN66). Applied in the situation that long distant, heavy impact and heavy abrasion.
Market: Aggregate, Baggage Handling, Bulk Handing, Cement, Coal, Foundry, Grain, Hard Rock, Package Handling, Wood Products, Sand and Gravel, Steel Products.
Applications: Coal Prep Plant, Log Debarkers, Log Decks, Mainlines, Pit Belts, Primary Crushers, Secondary Crushers, Ship Unloaders, Stacker Conveyors, Trash and Recycling.
Tensile strength: 80
3000N/mm Width: 5003200mm
Features & Benefits:
High tension
We provide with the proper tension of fabric for different condition, especially for the high tension belt.
High-strength crimped cords absorb impact
By strengthening on impact, the crimped warp cords enable the fabric to absorb impact loads and resist tearing. The plied belting maintains the integrity of mechanical or vulcanized splices under demanding conditions.
Variety of cover compounds and cover gauges
Protect your product with the proper compound and cover gauge for the application.
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